About Me


In television production, Philip Levens has firmly established himself through a foundation of kindness, a penchant for visionary thinking, and an unyielding commitment to excellence. His extensive portfolio is a testament to his work’s exceptional quality and expansive scale. His collaborative spirit and tireless work ethic infuse every project, underscoring his proficiency across multiple genres. Beyond his successful career, his pastimes like sailing and weightlifting mirror the same dedication and values guiding his path to success.

Early Life and Education

Born in Lubbock, Texas, he developed a keen interest in storytelling from a young age. His visionary thinking was nurtured as he earned his degree at The University of Texas in Austin. Upon graduation, he brought his Texan grit to the bustling terrain of Los Angeles, stepping into the television industry’s landscape.

Professional Accomplishments

His career is adorned with accomplishments that testify to his commitment and enduring hard work. As a cornerstone of his career, he created and was the showrunner of “Ascension” for Universal and Lionsgate. Now a part of Netflix’s vast library, the show attests to his ability to lead a team to create captivating content. His collaborative spirit was displayed as he worked with Jennifer Lopez as an executive producer on Paramount’s “South Beach.” This professional cooperation resulted in the delivery of a successful television series beloved by many.

Over 20 television pilots further distinguish his resume sold to various networks, including illustrious names such as ABC, USA, Fox, and NBC. Among these, “Smallville,” “Wolf Lake,” “Night Visions,” and “Knight Rider” have left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide, securing him a Saturn Award for “Smallville.”

Levens’ visionary thinking is evident in his diverse collaborations. He has worked with renowned individuals like Ice Cube, Donnie Walberg, Jason Blum, Will and Jada Smith, and Michael Jackson and with esteemed studios like Imagine, Joel Silver, Marvel, Warner Bros, Universal, Disney, and Lionsgate. His film exploits include adapting Patricia Highsmith’s novel, Found in the Street, developed by John Malkovich, and re-working the Wachowski Brothers’ script “Vertical Run” at Warners.

Personal Life and Hobbies

He makes sure to alternate his busy career schedule with hobbies that bring balance and relaxation to his life. His interest in weightlifting and bodybuilding, which he started in his teens, is a testament to his lifelong commitment. He also fosters a deep-rooted love for sailing and boat renovation passed down by his father, resonating with the nautical elements of his childhood in Texas. These hobbies are an excellent reminder that his hard work extends beyond his professional setting.

Charitable Endeavors

With his kindness and collaborative spirit, he actively contributes to charitable causes. He has a long-standing connection with Adelaide, his charity Sea Sustain, an organization dedicated to clean oceans and waterways. His commitment extends to local Venice food banks and homeless shelters, showing his heart lies in leaving a lasting, positive impact on society.

Philip Levens stands tall as a reputable figure in the television production landscape. His hard work and strategic thinking have paved the way for engaging stories that have touched many lives, and he continues to create meaningful narratives and impactful societal contributions, true to the values embodied in his life and work.

Creative Process